Nov 142014

This public building  is moving along, albeit, what feels like a snails pace to many.  The acoustical waved ceiling is beginning to come together and we thought it time to bring you a few photos of our progress.

Framing at SFMOMAHere is a long shot of the framing that we are doing not only for the walls but for the ceiling as well.

SFMOMA Ceiling Framing UnistrutWe have installed a goodly portion of the ceiling framing, and the next step is to make the attachments for the ceiling panels.  The attachments will be hung from the framing you see here.

attachments for ceiling panels at SFMOMAThe ceiling attachments are each individually crafted.

ceiling panels at SFMOMAThis is a mock-up of the panels showing the custom attachments and the ceiling framing.  You can see how involved the project is and how unique the ceiling design is going to be by this one panel.  We are very excited about this truly luxurious and highly architectural project.

SFMOMA ceiling panel with access

Here you see the access panel in this particular piece, giving access to the equipment behind the ceiling.

walls at sfmomaIf you look closely you can see that the walls are on an angle as well.

Knuckle BoomWe have had to rent a Knuckle Boom from Sunstate just for the installation of this panelling.   The men on the job required special training to operate this equipment.

The GFRC paneling is being produced by GC Products a company out of Lincoln, California.

The metal framing is a Unistrut product that we are purchasing from Tomarco, out of Fremont, California.

We are renting all of our equipment for this project from Sunstate.