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Conceptual Drawing from HOK

Conceptual Drawing from HOK

The new Public Safety building for the City and County of San Francisco is nearing completion. The building sits in the Mission Bay Redevelopment area and will house the police administrative headquarters, a district police station and a new district fire station as well as fleet vehicle parking.

The Public Safety Building places all emergency services of San Francisco under one roof, enabling police leadership to promptly and properly coordinate public safety services in the event of a major natural disaster. The work also includes the historic rehabilitation of Fire Station #30 which will provide a community meeting room and house the Arson Task Force.

RFJ Meiswinkel at the SF Public Safety BuildingThere will be two major art installations in the building that come under the Art Enrichment Program.  This piece, by Shimon Attie entitled Spiral of Gratitude is suspended from a plaster ceiling done by RFJ.

San Francisco Fire Stations Plaster Work RFJ MeiswinkelThere are two fire poles that go from the third floor down to the fire station.  The plaster work surrounding the openings, work done by RFJ, was challenging, and yet unique and fun.

Fire Poles and Plaster

Light Wells at the SF Public Safety Building

One of the great features of this building is the abundance of light throughout.  RFJ was responsible for the lath and plaster work that surrounds these highly complicated light wells.  They all provided a challenge for our best and brightest.




SF Police DepartmentSince the building houses both the fire and police departments there are dormitories and kitchens throughout.  RFJ was the lath and plastering contractor for all of these areas.

SF Fire department


San Francisco Public Safety BuildingIn the offices RFJ framed these low office walls, they were later finished off in fabric.

The Public Safety Building is a very important building to the City of San Francisco. It was funded to provide a replacement facility for the SFPD Headquarters and the Southern District Police Station,  located at the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant Street. In the event of a major earthquake, the Bryant Street building is not expected to be operational and it is essential that the police command structure be fully operational  immediately after the “Big One”.   RFJ Meiswinkel is proud to have been a part of such a vital building in the safety of the citizens as well as the protectors of san Francisco.


Architect:  HOK and Mark Cavagnero
Contractor: Pankow
Construction Management: Vanir and CM Pros
Structural Engineers: SOHA




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Jan 052015
901 Rankin Street in San Francisco - Photo courtesy of Architect

901 Rankin Street in San Francisco – Architect’s rendering

The San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market was built in the early 1960s as part of a redevelopment effort in the Bayview. The merchants at that time were moved from what is now the area near the Embarcadero Center, where they had been operating since the 1870s.

The Produce Market in the 1920s

The Produce Market in the 1920s

The City assisted with obtaining financing for the project, which was fully repaid from merchant rent. The Wholesale Produce Market has operated as a City-controlled entity operated jointly by the San Francisco Market Corporation and the San Francisco Produce Association, with oversight by the City Controller and the Real Estate Department.

The SF Produce Market Today

The SF Produce Market Today

The Produce Market is undergoing a new three-phase development plan.  As a result, the Market will expand from 300,000 to almost 500,000 square feet.

The first new building is 901 Rankin.  RFJ Meiswinkel did the framing for the load bearing walls on the north end.  The company was also responsible for the soffit framing, sky light framing, roof framing and the interior framing accompanied by gypboard installation and the interior finish.

901 Rankin*

901 Rankin*SF Produce Warehouse new building


SF Produce New BUilding

*SF Produce Market

*SF Produce Market

SF Produce Market

Architect: Jackson Lilies
General Contractor: Hathaway Dinwiddie

Dec 182014

Solano County Courthouse

The Solano County Courthouse underwent a $27 million restoration and RFJ Meiswinkel was proud to be a part of it. Designed by E.C. Hemmings and built in 1911, this 2 story, 29,900 square foot courthouse is an outstanding example of Beaux Arts architecture and is part of the Central Solano County Heritage Commission’s inventory of “Lasting Heritage” buildings.

Restoration PlasterBrad Hull of RFJ works on the high quality plaster restoration in the two story grand entrance of the courthouse.

Historic Plaster RenovationBrad’s work once the building was opened.

Historic Plaster RestorationThe stairway and much of the building is marble.

Historic Plaster Restoration

Most of what you see was original to the building, and if it was missing, it was carefully recreated.  That means the light fixtures and the ornamental grates behind the windows, as well as, the high quality plaster finishes.

Jesus YanezJesus Yanez of RFJ works on a small chamber that was not available to our cameras after the courthouse was re-opened.

Ornamental PlasterRFJ worked on a rather elaborate support system for the plaster walls on the first floor.   The walls were hollow clay tile, stabilized with a  Hilti epoxy injection system that utilized a test tube shaped perforated screen embedded prior to injection and bolted to 16 gauge framing.

Ornamental plasterThe work was worth it.  At one end is the History room, holding an array of photos from of the Courthouse throughout the ages, and at the other end is the new County Clerks office.

Solano County CourthouseThe courthouse was kept true to its history, including the wooden chairs and the beautiful wood railings.  Notice the plaster ornamented ceiling beautifully restored by RFJ.

Plaster Restoration


General Contractor:  Plant Construction
Architect: Hornberger+Worstell
Historic Architect: Carey and Company
Interior Architect: Brayton + Hughes
Structural Engineer: Rutherford and Chekene

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