Feb 022015

RFJ SFMOMA wave ceiling


The ornamental wave ceiling is going up in a new building and boy are we excited.

A mold for one of the shapes in the ceiling at SFMOMA

A mold for one of the shapes in the ceiling

The panels are of Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) and are produced by GC Products in Lincoln, California.

The process consists of first producing molds that represent the various shapes that make up the ceiling.  Then hand placing a combination of both gypsum and a glass fiber sheet.

Plaster and Glass Fiber sheets are used to make the panels

Plaster and Glass Fiber sheets are used to make the panels

After the plaster is sufficiently dry the panel is popped out of the mold, sanded, inspected and ready to go the job site.

DSC_7873The panels, take two JLG’s and two men to attach to the Unistrut system that RFJ Meiswinkel has been installing for the last few months.



SFMOMA interior ceilings

Nov 112014

In scanning the Engineering News-Record on line I came across this:

All Photos from the Diggerland Website

All Photos from the Diggerland Website

“New Jersey-Based Sambe Construction Co. in June launched Diggerland USA in West Berlin, N.J., 30 miles east of Philadelphia. It allows kids and the adults they bring along to operate construction equipment and ride on machines revamped into amusement park-style rides. The 14-acre attraction has a 50-piece equipment fleet and is modeled after a successful enterprise in England with four operating parks. Diggerland USA includes Spin Dizzy, an excavator that provides a 360° rotating ride, Backhoe Adventure and daily stunt shows by a veteran equipment operator.”

I knew I was hooked, so I headed over to the Diggerland website. There is a 36” height requirement, check, and an entry fee of $30 or $35 if you just walk up, no problem, far less than the rental on one of these big bad boys. So I am thinking ROAD TRIP!

Heavy Construction Equipment

The place looks like so much fun. There are really ingenious rides, take the Dig-A-Round, geared for the younger crowd it is a carousel with JCB 8065 Buckets as seats, the heck with cute circus animals, this is a carousel!

They have all the equipment you would expect, and yes you can do the usual digging and earth moving, or heck you can go bowling with these JCB’s. There are dump trucks and loaders and mini rovers, and then there are backhoes and battle trucks, what’s not to love.

If equipment isn’t your thing there is also a rock climbing wall and a rope climbing course.

Diggerland USA

Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough, Diggerland is located right in front of a water park. This is important for those of you who are aware of New Jersey summer temperatures.

I’ll let you know how it was as soon as I can get the boss to arrange a company field trip!

Diggerland USA